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Description and key features: 

  • The hex shapes provide a visually clean, modern cover.

  • The shape of the hexes naturally attract and form to one another, providing a modern, uniform thermal insulation cover with up to 99% coverage.

  • The plastic cover, made up of geometrically shaped hexes, easily conforms to any shape or size of water.

  • Automatically adapts to changing water levels and setting.

  • Translucency allows sunlight through, capturing additional heat during the day to keep the water or liquid warm.

  • Translucency promotes the growth of algae, which helps break down harmful nitrogen and phosphorus levels in wastewater (This is a negative for drinking water reservoirs).

  • Able to notice objects in the water under the cover.

  • Resistant to snow and ice.

  • Zero construction costs.

  • Quick and simple to install.

  • Oleophilic PP material removes oils from the water.

  • Low maintenance costs – just ordering spare hex covers if some are lost.

  • Long-lasting.

  • Higher wind resistance than balls.

  • Can be used in high temp environments: max operating temperature: 300 F (320 F melting temperature)

  • Can still access water with equipment

  • No annual cleaning or maintenance

  • Smart Hex option

Our Technology

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